Saturday, July 13, 2013


I was in a pit, all dirty and bruised
And nothing I did could bring me to You.
No method of mine or work of my own,
Could bring me before Your holy throne.

I thought I was stuck, condemned for life
Until I saw Your sacrifice.
You jumped in beside me and said with a smile,
"Can I help you up, my little child?"

With a prayer and a nod You hoisted me up.
Now I was no longer stuck in that muck!
Through my tears I could see my new heavenly home,
In the midst of which dwelt Your holy throne.

I was clothed with a gown as white as snow,
And given a crown so that all would know;
That I had been saved from a life of sin,
By He who had come to dwell with men.

Now I am free, not stuck anymore.
And what can I say but "Thank You, Lord!"
For without Your help I would still be there
All stuck in the muck, with none who care.

This freedom's for all who simply ask
For none but God can accomplish this task;
To save and rescue sinners who are damned,
And present them faultless before the Great I AM!

"For when we were still without strength,
in due time Christ died for the ungodly."
Romans 5:6

Learning to delight in Jesus,
Hannah :)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The 4th of July

I picked up a "new" book on our bookshelf last week called "American History Stories" by Mara Pratt.  I thought it might be rather boring but it was actually incredibly factual and interesting.  There were several things that I didn't know about the American Revolution that I discovered in this book. One thing I discovered was this poem which celebrates when the Liberty Bell was rung for the very first time.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

There was tumult in the city,
In the quaint old Quaker town,
And the streets were rife with people,
Pacing restless up and down;
People gathering at corners,
Where they whispered each to each,
And the sweat stood on their temples,
With the earnestness of speech.

"Will they do it?"  "Dare they do it?"
"Who is speaking?"  "What's the news?"
"What of Adams?"  "What of Sherman?"

"Oh, God grant they won't refuse!"
"Make some way there!"  "Let me nearer!"
"I am stifling!"  "Stifle then!

When a nation's life's at hazard,
We've not time to think of men!"

So they beat against the portal,
Man and woman, maid and child;
And the July sun in heaven 
On the scene looked down and smiled,
The same sun that saw the Spartan
Shed his patriot blood in vain,
Now beheld the soul of freedom
All unconquer'd rise again.

See!  See!  The dense crowd quivers
Through all its lengthy line,
As the boy beside the portal
Looks forth to give the sign!
With his small hands upward lifted,
Breezes dallying with his hair,
Hark! with deep, clear intonation,
Breaks his young voice on the air.

Hushed the people's swelling murmur,
List, the boy's exultant cry!
"Ring!" he shouts, "Ring, Grandpa,
Ring, O, ring for Liberty!"
And straightway at the signal,

The old bellman lifts his hand,
And sends the good news, making
Iron music through the land.

How they shouted!  What rejoicing!
How the old bell shook the air,
'Till the clang of freedom ruffled
The calm gliding Delaware!
How the bonfires and the torches
Illumed the night's repose,
And from the flames like fabled Phoenix,
Our glorious Liberty arose!

That old bell now is silent,
And hushed its iron tongue,
But the spirit it awakened,
Still lives- forever young.
And when we greet the smiling sunlight,
On the fourth of each July,
We'll ne'er forget the bellman,
Who, betwixt the earth and sky,
Rang out Our Independence,
Which, please God, shall never die!

Amen!  This poem brings tears to my eyes.  We've strayed so far from the liberty our forefathers gave their lives for.  Only after reading something like this can we truly appreciate what we are now trying to preserve...our liberty.

May your 4th be blessed and during the festivities of the day may we remember the true meaning behind the what we celebrate.  "One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!"

Learning to delight in Jesus,