Why did I start this blog?

Ever since I was a young girl the Lord gave me the desire to lead (something about being a first-born.....maybe :).  As I've gotten older the Lord has impressed upon my heart that I was to be an example, an older sister, to younger girls.  Since I knew that much I began praying how He wanted me to go about doing that.  First Jesus let me know that my daily life should be an example to girls around me, and He constantly reminded me through other people that my life was being watched.  Wow, what a responsibility!

When I was about 14 I contemplated starting a Bright Lights group with local girls, to encourage them in their obedience to their parents (specifically to have a good relationship with their dad), to search for another option besides dating, and to be led by the Lord in everything; but it never progressed.
*Update*- As of January 2013 I have started leading a Bright Lights group for about 9-12 girls twice a month.  I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far and am so glad I waited until the Lord's time to start one!  He has used it to stretch and grow me in ways I didn't even imagine!

Around last July (2010) I began thinking about starting a blog for girls but I did what daddy constantly says, "Keep saying "no" until you can't any longer".  By this you know that your "feeling" is actually a leading of the Lord.  This thought kept popping up every-now-and-again and finally in January (2011) I stepped out in obedience to the Lord and started this blog.  This came about through a variety of circumstances; two ladies that I looked up to and followed in the blogging world, stopped blogging, and I felt the Lord wanted me to fill in their places.  Also I talked to a close friend and confidant, my sister, and she encouraged me that if the Lord was saying "Yes" to start one....so I did!!

Not only is this to be for girls but also for me.  Through the blog I hope to better define my convictions and write down the things the Lord's impressing upon my heart through sermons, my personal quiet time, and observation of life in general.

I am not perfect!  I am a sinner, saved by the blood of Jesus, and simply living to delight Him in everything I do!!  Often times I fail, but He's so good and always gives me more chances.

Will you join me in praying that this blog will be used for His glory and His purposes and that I and the blog may be soft as clay, easily formed in the Makers Hand?  Thank you and God bless!!

Learning to delight in Jesus,