Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Colombia: Day 1

Hello Everyone,

My sister, daddy, and I are safely back from our wonderful trip to Cartagena, Colombia.  I already miss it!  The Lord really blessed the trip and surrounded us with the "peace that passes all understanding" the entire time.
I wanted to try and document what happened every day we were there for myself as well as for your enjoyment.  Enjoy!

~Day 1~

Two-thirty came bright and early Monday morning.  That was the time we had to wake up in order to be at the airport by 4am.  This was the first time that Kimber and I had been on a plane so we were both excited and a little nervous!  After going through security and some TSA checkpoints we found the gate we were supposed to wait at and sat down.  It was about 4:45 at this point and none of us were really motivated to fall back asleep until we had to get on the plane at 6:15, so we dug out some books we had brought to keep ourselves occupied.  
Since our flight was so early we were able to watch the sunrise before we had to leave.  It was breathtaking!
Finally, we were able to load onto the plane.  We found our seats and settled down.
I was a little nervous about take-off and whether or not my ears were clear but the Lord blessed me during the whole ride!
The sunrise right before take-off.

Our flight left right on time (7am) and we had a gorgeous flight down to Florida where we caught our next connection at 10:45 to Cartagena, Colombia.
 The clouds were absolutely stunning when we were above them.  I didn't even realize you could go higher than clouds :)!
Enjoying some quiet reading and snack time on the plane.

Finally we arrived in Colombia around 2:00pm.  Colombia is beautiful but even from the plane we could tell how very poor the majority of the country is.
When we left VA it was around 32degrees and when we arrived in Cartagena it was a balmy 90degrees!  Talk about a major weather change in just a few hours ;).
We were able to get off the plane with no problem and passed through security fairly quickly.  As soon as we left the security checkpoints we realized that English was no longer the majority language but Spanish!  Now thankfully we knew a little bit of Spanish (enough to make ourselves fairly understood), but those around us only knew a little bit of English so together we were a pretty bad mix :).
We found a taxi and tried to sit back and relax on our way to the hotel.  Unfortunately the traffic was so horrific that we ended up being on the edge of our seats most of the time :).  It wasn't that there was a lot of cars as much as how these cars drove.  Wow- so different from the organized highways of the United States.  
We finally reached our hotel and our room where we finally had a chance to relax for a second.
 Our room.  Isn't it beautiful?!  I love all the purple!
This was the view out our window- gorgeous!

After settling in a bit we decided to go and explore.  We discovered they had a ping-pong table and tons of exotic flowers and trees (Kimber was in photographer heaven :) ).
 Daddy and I playing a bit.
The courtyard of the hotel.
 My wonderful daddy/protector and I!
 The view of our hotel from the beach.  And no, Kimber and I did not go down the water slide.  I don't think it was made for our size :).
 A coconut tree!  I wanted to take one home to show everyone but I didn't know if coconuts were allowed through customs :).
 Green banana anyone?
 The beach in front of the hotel.

My lovely sister and I!

After exploring the hotel grounds we decided to try and find the money exchange place that the manager of the hotel said was right across the street.  We ended up walking quite a ways down the street and right before we wondered if we were going the right way we found it.  We walked in and began telling him what exactly we wanted when we realized his understanding of English was minimal in the extreme!  We decided to wait for a translator to help us exchange our money tomorrow.  
It was so warm and the sandy beaches looked so inviting that we decided to walk "home" on the beach front...bad idea!  We were immediately surrounded by all of these ladies eager to sell their goods to the unsuspecting, Americans.  We tried to politely insist that we didn't need any of their goods but it was to no avail.  Soon Kimber and I had 3 or 4 Colombian women braiding our hair.  They insisted we sit down in these plastic chairs they brought over so they could do our entire heads.  Daddy also was hijacked by 3-4 women who wanted to give him a massage- yikes!  We kept saying that we didn't have any money to pay them with (in our best Spanish we could muster) but they said it didn't matter.  
 Myself and daddy in the background.... :)

After about 45 minutes they were finished and began to insist that we pay them.  Daddy gave one girl a $20 bill and asked her to split it with everyone else but they said they couldn't do that.  They were professionals so they had to be paid individually.  Daddy only had $20 bills on him so we couldn't pay each one separately.  I think we ended up paying 3 or 4 of the ladies $20 bills and then hurried back to the hotel.  

We were so glad to be back in our hotel!  
    Kimber and I with our new doo!

It was about time for dinner so we headed up to the executive lounge to get something to eat.  They had a beautiful spread of fresh fruits, breads, empanadas, and more.
Daddy getting some dinner :).

During dinner we enjoyed watching the crazy traffic below us :).
After we finished eating we headed to our room and settled down to watch Captain America before we fell asleep.
And so ended Day 1.  Tomorrow the real excitement began!

Learning to delight in Jesus,

Monday, February 18, 2013

Take Back the Land Giveaway

Hello all,

This is Alexis since Hannah is currently in Colombia with Kimber and Daddy.  She asked if I could post this giveaway from Take Back the Land.  The prizes are two of the Duggar's books: 20 and Counting and A Love That Multiplies, autographed by both Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. To enter, you can gain points by registering (for the Take Back the Land Conference) and helping them advertise by telling your friends!  Our family is going to the conference and I would encourage you to go as well! HERE is the link for the giveaway and HERE is the link where you can find out more about the Take Back the Land Conference that is hosted by the Boyer family. 

Joyfully His,
Alexis for Hannah

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Well, this is a short post to let you all know that I will be out of the country until this coming Friday.  Kimber, Daddy, and I are finally going to Colombia to visit our girls from Compassion International! 
I am excited and also a little nervous (I've never been on a plane before).  Prayers would be much appreciated! :)
I hope to have an exciting update sometime next week!
May the Lord bless you all in this coming week!
Learning to delight in Jesus,
Hannah :)

Monday, February 11, 2013


What is faith?  Many dictionaries define faith as "belief, something that is believed with strong conviction i.e. God, the Bible, Jesus Christ,etc.".  While studying the Scriptures earlier this afternoon after our sermon on faith I felt God lay this definition on my heart.
Faith= "doing or believing what God tells you even if it seems impossible."

As Christians, we know that it is impossible to please the Lord without faith (Heb. 11:6).  Thus it should be vital for us to understand what faith is and how we can gain more of it.

After Jesus calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee He turned and rebuked His disciples saying, "Why are you so fearful?  How is it that you have no faith?".  I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure I would have been just as frightened during the storm as the disciples were.  Knowing this I now need to find out how I can increase my faith.  Is faith like muscles- the more you exercise them the bigger they get?  Or is it like a measuring cup- we must ask God to fill us up?  I lean more towards the second option, although I do still believe that we must work out our faith as well.  Let's look to the Scriptures.

1. In Luke 17 the disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith.  They asked the Lord and He equipped them.  Following this line of logic I believe we too can ask for the Lord to increase our faith.

2. Frequently throughout the Gospels Jesus said after He healed someone, "Your faith has made you well."  I wonder if they were healed as much as they believed He could heal them...hmm.

Another thing I learned during the sermon was that God's ability to work is only as much as we believe He can.  In other words, my lack of faith can cause the glory of the Lord to not be fully revealed in me.  Wow- that puts a lot of impetus on me to believe.  Faith, though a little word, is a virtue we all must have and I don't believe we can ever have too much of it!

Now, granted some are gifted with faith (1 Cor. 12) but that does not mean that those of us who are naturally more anxious or fearful should not strive for an ever increasing faith.

Through faith the world was, through faith Noah built an ark even though he had never heard of rain before, through faith Abraham (then Abram) followed God's call even when He didn't know where He was going, through faith Moses led the people of Israel out of Egypt and into the promised land, through faith the mouths of lions were stopped, through faith the martyrs of now-a-days go to their death believing in God's promise of eternal life.  Such faith is inspiring and desirable.

May we all cry out like the disciples, "Lord, increase my faith!"!
Learning to delight in Jesus,
Hannah :)     

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 30: A Picture

Well, folks you should be excited.  I have finally finished my 30 day challenge in just over 3 months- woo-hoo!  I'm very proud we finished it at all :)!  And last but not least, a picture I love!

Learning to delight in Jesus,

Day 29: Three Wishes

Well, I don't really believe in wishes.  But I do believe that God works all things together for good and that He loves to hear about my prayers, struggles, desires, and dreams.  This being so, below are three things I desire and pray for frequently.

1. That I would live all my life with no regrets.  By this I mean then when I'm near the end of this life on earth I can look back and see the Lord's hand in everything that I did.  My dream is to hear the words "Well done, good and faithful servant."  Only by His grace will I receive such a blessing!

2.  That my brothers and sisters would grow up to be strong men and women for the Lord.  We sorely need them in this day and age.

3.  For a husband, Lord willing.  Not sure who, not sure when, not sure if there is even one but I do pray about it frequently (for him, that is).

There you are!  I hope you all are having a blessed week so far!
Learning to delight in Jesus,
Hannah :)