Monday, July 18, 2011

Exercising while Cellercising®

Home Based Half-Fold Cellerciser® Kit
The Cellerciser®
Okay, you're probably still trying to figure out the root word of "cellercising" and what in the world it has to do with exercising! :)  No worries, I'll get to that soon.  First things first, as a young lady I had found it difficult to work out as much I had wanted until I met the Cellerciser®.  A Cellerciser is a mini-trampoline also known as a rebounder.  This isn't any run of the mill  rebounder though.  Specially constructed the springs are three-tiered and will not stretch out over time, unlike the cheap department store versions.  The mat, made up of durable, non-stretching material, allows you to land as if you're on solid ground instead of causing your feet to bend in towards your body which can cause ankle, knee, and back problems.  Sturdy and resistant to UV rays, you can leave it outside and it will still be just as usable as if you had left it inside.  Now, I think that the health benefits are even better than the amazing quality of this product.  Instead of going against gravity as you would if you were lifting, you're moving with gravity.  As you bounce high you're increasing your gravitational force and when you fall down every single muscle in your body is pulled on simply to keep yourself upright.  You only have to bounce for 10-15 minutes a day to see benefits!  Not only that, but when you bounce you flush out your cells keeping you healthy and more immune resistant.  Thus the name Cellercising: exercising your cells.
The benefits for us ladies I think is immense!  You can bounce in the privacy of your own home without the worries of causing your brothers to stumble due to the exercise clothing available.  You're also not using a machine or weight that hundreds of other hands have been on, thus you are safer in regards to germs.  I personally can testify that this works!  I've lost 5 pounds since I started doing it 5 days a week in January and I have been sick only once since then.  I really didn't believe what it claimed but now my sisters, mother, father, and I can prove that it works.  My father quit his $40 subscription to a local gym and began working out using the Cellerciser...he has built muscle!  So, girls if you can afford it (it is a little expensive but it's worth it!!) buy a Cellerciser and enjoy the benefits of exercising while cellercising!! 

We got ours HERE!  To get a special discount on your own new Cellerciser enter coupon code: jesussaves.

But do remember this verse during your exercising endeavors:
"For bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things, having promise of the life that now is and of that which is to come."
1 Timothy 4:8

If we're in shape physically but weak spiritually we have failed.  Jesus should be first in everything in our lives...even exercising!

Learning to delight in Jesus,

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