Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Video of our Letters to Mom and Dad

Here is a video of the letters Kimber and I gave to our marvelous parents!

Learning to delight in Jesus,


  1. Aww! This is sooo sweet! You started crying early on, and I was like, "awww...". I thought Kimber was holding it together pretty well, then at the very end...she totally broke down! And I was like, "awww..." all over again! *sniff* So sweet!

  2. Thanks, Jaime! I'm not usually emotional but it just hit me hard that I'm not sure how much longer I have to live in my beautiful home with my beautiful family and to hear those words sweet words "I love you" every night from my dear Mamma before I fall asleep. Kimber did really well. She usually looses it before she even starts ;) :). This letter reading was definitely a highlight of our night! I'll always remember it!