Sunday, April 7, 2013

Every Life is Beautiful!

Have you ever truly meditated on the beauty and amazing design of life?!  In only a short 9 months a human being goes from being non-existent, to being a perfectly formed, beautiful baby!  Did you know that in only 3 short weeks after conception a baby's heart beat is noticeable?  When a child is born it is born with the ability to reason, to think, to act, to love, to speak, to learn, to understand, etc.  No other created being has these abilities!  And not only that but we were also the only ones created in God's marvelous image and brought to life by the very breath of the Living God...what a privilege!

Every child is blessing- even the ones considered in the world's eyes to be "imperfect" (according to God's Word we are all imperfect.  "...There is none who does good.  No not one." Psalm 14:3b).  The Bible has plenty to say in regards to children.  In Psalms 127 and 128 He repeatedly states that children are a blessing from above and the "fruit of the womb is His reward."  Do we realize the blessing we're missing out on when we shut up the womb?  While I have not yet received the wonderful gift of children I look forward to that day, Lord willing.  Every baby is a blessing and every life truly is beautiful!

Learning to delight in Jesus,

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