Monday, June 27, 2011

A List of "firsts"

  "I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem, 
Do not stir up nor awaken love 
Until it pleases."  
Songs of Solomon 8:4

I don't know about you but it helps me to write down certain things I'd like to remember.  A couple of days ago I wrote down a list that contained all the "firsts" I'd like to happen between only me and my husband, if the Lord has one for me.  Below are some things that I wrote down:

~ *My first kiss.*  This is definitely a priority.  I want this to be a special gift we give to each other.  Ideally he would have saved his first kiss for me as well!  (Please read "The Princess and the Kiss" if you haven't already!)

~All physical intimacy.  The Lord created certain things for marriage and marriage only!  I want to save ALL I can for my future spouse!!   

~My first dance with another man outside my family.  Dancing is a very intimate action that I would love to save for my wedding night!

~My first bouquet from a man.  I desire to save all romantic actions for just me and my future husband!

~My first ring.  I made a commitment to not wear any ring unless given to me by my future spouse (wedding ring, engagement ring, etc.).  Please understand this is something I felt led to do and I certainly do not expect you to do the same!  I know some of you have purity rings, college rings, etc. and I don't think there's anything wrong with them!  I just think that receiving my first ring from my husband will make it that much more special to me!!

Those are just a couple of examples!  There are plenty more "firsts" I could name off.  You may be asking, "Why have "firsts"?  What's so special about it?"  I think they're very important and so does the Bible!  The first born sons, first fruits, and basically the first of anything in the Scriptures has always taken on significance.  Both my parents can testify that their pre-marriage relationships with the opposite sex did not improve their quality of marriage but rather caused a certain amount of tension.  Instead of appreciating everything they had to offer to each other they began comparing each other to their former relationships.  As an example, if mom got flowers from her boyfriend before dad then she almost unconsciously compares dad's flowers he gets for her to the other flowers from her earlier boyfriend.  You tend to be unsatisfied with your spouse and ungrateful for all that he/she is.  I want everything in my future marriage to be new and beautiful.  Each day better than the last.  Every gift received and given to be fully appreciated and compared to nothing else, as there is nothing else ;).

This post is obviously with the expectation of marriage in mind.  Even if the Lord's will is not for me to marry I still desire to stay as physically and emotionally pure for Him, for He is my first beloved.  My first and primary goal in life to, " the LORD my God with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my strength, and with all my mind,’ and ‘my neighbor as myself.’”"  Luke 10:27 [personal pronouns I changed]
Nothing else, nobody else will ever take His seat as first in my life!

So write down a list of "firsts".  Pray and ask the Lord to help you keep all you can for your one and only husband.  
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

Learning to delight in Jesus,

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  1. We share a lot of the same "firsts," Hannah! We too, feel that it is important to save many of these "firsts" for our future spouses for the same reasons you listed. It indeed makes the relationship more precious!