Sunday, August 12, 2012

Health and Medicine: Part 2

Well, hello everyone.  This week I will continue our study on vitamins and herbal remedies.

First we have Zinc.  Zinc is a mineral that you do not need very much of in order for it to be effective.  It not only supports the immune system but also fights acne and other skin problems.  We don't generally take it daily (although many health books recommend you do) but when we're sick we take no more than 50 mg a day.  Some of us avoid it as it seems to upset our stomachs so be careful.  Take it after you've eaten and maybe take it in smaller amounts throughout the day.

The second one on our list is Colloidal Silver.  What??  How can silver be healthy for me?  Colloidal Silver tastes and looks like water with a slight aftertaste.  It actually has very small particles of silver which go throughout your body, latch on to harmful bacterias and such, and dispose of them.   Drink a couple of tablespoons occasionally throughout the day when you're not feeling well.  It is also helpful to squirt it up your nose if you have sinus problems or drop into your ear during earaches.  We have a colloidal silver manufacturing machine (we go though it :) and have found the investment well worth it.  Research it and make the best decision for your family .

The last one I want to talk about today is Vitamin A.  This vitamin also assists the immune system when sick.  Some food sources where vitamin A occurs naturally includes fish liver oil (can anyone say yum...), dark green leafy vegetables, yellow fruits and vegetables, butter, and egg yolks.  When sick feel free to add up to 35,000 mg of vitamin A to your daily diet (by capsule).  It is also fine to take up to 10,000 mg daily (just to keep your immune system fighting).

Thank you, ladies for once again reading this post and taking control of your health so that one day you can direct your family's (Lord willing).
Learning to delight in Jesus,

P.S. Most the info above I received from "What the Bible says about Healthy Living" by Rex Russell and "Smart Medicine for Healthier Living" by Janet Zand, Allan Spreen, and James LaValle.  And once again I am not a doctor nor are the suggestions above meant to replace his/her recommendations. :)    

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  1. Oh yes, I've done the zinc before. That stuff's gross, but it does help!
    Wow, I had no clue about colloidal silver! Amazing!
    Great post! :)