Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Movie Review: Underground Reality "Colombia"

Over the last couple of weeks my family and I have been watching this fascinating and exciting documentary.  Filmed in Colombia this movie follows around a group of 7 young adults as they serve for a short time along other missionaries.  As you continue to watch you will hear the stories of several native Christians who have bravely stood and continue to stand for their faith...and the consequences thereof.  You will visit widows who lost their husband because they couldn't keep quiet about their love for Jesus; you will witness the continual struggle for freedom between the Paramilitary and the FARC guerrillas and the effects it has on the people; you will encounter amazing life-changing testimonies that will challenge and encourage you.  Colombia is close to my heart as we "adopt" 6 children from different regions of Colombia through Compassion International.  Watching this movie opened my eyes to the life our children have there and the difficulties they face every day. 
Unashamed and unafraid, the most amazing virtue that these fellow Christians portray is love and passion for Jesus and those who don't know Him.  This is what sets us apart from the rest of the world.  Our fellow believers in Colombia boldly proclaim the truth no matter the cost every day.  They will be praised because of their love and faith in Jesus.  
Will we?
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Learning to delight in Jesus,
P.S.- Because of some graphic images and reenactments I wouldn't recommend this for young children.     

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