Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Mother

As I've gotten older I've realized exactly how much this household needs our wonderful mother to run properly!  Mamma never planned on staying home, homeschooling, or having more than 3 babies but the Lord had other plans (thankfully!).  When she was pregnant with me she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and has since then striven to live every moment of every day serving, loving, and worshiping Him.
My beautiful Mamma!
 After she had me she couldn't imagine leaving me in some stranger's hands and thus began her journey of faith.  About 18 months later my sister Kimber was born.  Not too long after that my sister Alexis was born and then finally a little brother, Caleb arrived.  About this time I was ready to attend my first year of school but once again Mamma and Daddy did not feel comfortable leaving me (or my siblings) to be raised by the anti-God public school system.  After much prayer and searching the Scriptures they decided to homeschool.  Once again they stepped out of the normal and into the way God was calling them.

Daddy and Mommy enjoying a time of fun together :)!
  Everyone was sure that Mamma was done having kids- I mean 4 kids under 6 was more than enough for one woman to handle...right?.  But Mommy and Daddy wanted a little playmate for Caleb so Seth entered our family.  Well, by this time people were definitely beginning to wonder about how many children Mom and Dad were aiming for.  But that was just it...they weren't aiming for any certain number.  Every time the youngest child was around 2 or 3 Mamma began to have that God-given urge for another child.  Wondering if they really were off their rocker they once again searched the Scriptures.  The Lord impressed upon their hearts during their study that children were a blessing and that they should accept however many He wanted to give them.  Since then 4 more blessings have joined their growing brood!
Mamma and her youngest child (as of right now :)
  My mother has for years been our loving nurturer, godly teacher, and thrifty chef.  Her tender care when you're sick, her constant self-less serving, and her love of knowledge are all examples to me.  I couldn't ask for a better mother and confidant!
I love you!!
 I love you, mommy!  Thank you for your Christ-like example that you exhibit inside and outside of our home.  I don't think people realize what an amazing woman you really are!  I hope to one day be a wife and mother just like you!

Learning to delight in Jesus,

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