Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 5: My siblings

I am so blessed to have the siblings I have!  Each one of them is a gift!!  Below is a picture of each one and a short discription.
My 16 (almost 17) year old sister is a gifted photographer and my 2012 fellow graduate.  While naturally quiet she has a tough, stubborn side that few people get to see.  Right now she enjoys working down at a horse barn every day and helping with chores around the house (when she's not busy taking pictures :).  She is diligent in studying the Scriptures and hopes to be on the mission field some day.

My 15 year old sister is gifted in many different areas.  She's gets along with everyone and has no problem going up to people and starting a conversation.  A budding artist and musician, she spends a good amount of time working on new songs and pictures.  In her 10th year of homeschool she is eagerly awaiting the day she is released from school and studies.  Watch out world, here she comes! :)

My 13 year old brother takes a mature view of the world but smiles easily.  An excellent servant (especially to his sisters and mother) he is helpful in and out of the house.  He enjoys working quite frequently with my dad and can't wait to finish his schoolwork so he can join him full time.  When he has free time you will frequently find him playing either his guitar or banjo, reading a book, or prepping his gun to go hunting.

My 11 year old brother has a tender heart and spirit.  He has an engineering and mechanical mind and enjoys making new inventions and drawing them.  For the past year he has been diligently working on playing the bagpipe and he's quite good!  He enjoys making noise and wrestling with his brothers and dad.  He is good in the kitchen and can't wait to expand his cooking knowledge.

My 9 year old sister is quite a busy one.  She's very good with babies and enjoys doting on her youngest siblings.  She is always quick to give hugs and her smile brightens the day frequently.  An excellent student, she's always quick in finishing her allotted school work.  Running around with her siblings, playing house, reading and coloring are some of her favorite pastimes.

My 7 year old brother is a tough boy with a gentle side.  He has won the award at being to the hospital the most (RSV when a baby, split lip, and a broken femur)!  He also enjoys helping daddy whenever he can and getting loves from mommy.  Driving the mower is a new skill and something he really enjoys.  When not busy doing school you'll frequently find him and Lydia doing something together.  He's a great big brother!

My 4 year old sister is a live wire!  She talks constantly and half the time it's hard to understand her :).  She's quite active and enjoys playing horsey, coloring, and loving on animals.  Every night she crawls into my bed and gives me a kiss and hug while saying "Goodnight, Hannah.  I love you.".  She's a sweetheart!

My 2 year old brother is busy trying to catch up with everyone else.  He is probably the most talkative two year old we've had yet.  He's a definite boy and always seems to get into messes.  He loves his family and his smile is a constant blessing!  We all love him bunches (maybe a little bit spoiled :).

To be continued....
Learning to delight in Jesus,

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